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Want to stay tuned with the latest updates to our software? You can find them right here on our news page! Here are all the updates and things in progress in a simply laid out news feed which you can browse through by heading, with nvda and jaws the key for this is h, or 2.

december 28, 2018

we're really sorry to have been so inactive for the last five or six weeks, but we're still around and still teching, and we're excited for a great 2019. so, here, we bring you two new releases! first, poster3000, our new communication service for blind and sighted alike is located here! so check that out! we hope for a great future to come with poster3k. also roryboxing 3.0 is finally out after long wait and anticipation! It adds new auto updater feature, music for the main menu and while fighting, difficulty mods, bug fixes and stability improvements. so go get it from our games pageand have a punch... I wonder if you'll be able to take on difficulty x3 enemies!

november 3, 2018

made a new update, 1.36, for roryboxing! it adds the supepunch combo and also makes pummelling way more powerful!

november 2, 2018

made a new update to roryboxing! Go get it now! added check for updates, powerups! also fixed some bugs

october 28, 2018

released an update to roryboxing, v1.25! come check it out at our games page!

October 21, 2018

The first version of wild blind tech's first game, rory boxing, was released on this day! Head on over to our games page to find it! copyright (c) 2018-2018 wild blind tech powered by: jc hosting